Seminar on Quality Assurance Systems in the Western Balkans, 4th February 2020, Tirana, Albania

The Seminar on Quality Assurance Systems in the Western Balkans will be organized on 4th February 2020, aimed at supporting the alignment of the WB Quality Assurance Systems with the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance, as a corner-stone of building trust and quality of higher education.

The Seminar will provide an opportunity for the participants - members of the RCC - ERI SEE Joint Working Group on Recognition of Academic Qualifications - to hear the latest developments and trends in Quality Assurance at European level. Furthermore, to address the needs of the Western Balkans, it will provide an opportunity for understanding the challenges in translating the ESGs into national context, as well as the challenges in evaluating compliance with ESGs from two experienced, international evaluators.

In the afternoon session, the aim is to provide a practical experience of how the beginning of an external review of the quality assurance agency would look like. Ample space will be provided for discussions to fully understand the members' concerns and feedback.