Recognition procedures for education

The recognition procedure is the same for the purpose of education and for the purpose of employment when the applicant has completed his studies abroad (see the section above “For employment”). However, in the case of completing the part of the studies abroad, HEIs are in charge of recognizing the credits/periods of studies.

Higher education institutions provide opportunities for credit recognition and transfer of credits between programs of the same study cycle within the same or different higher education institution. The credit recognition is carried out by the institution of higher education at which a student is to continue studies. Credit transfers are allowed within the same study cycle within the same or similar study areas and only at the beginning of the academic year. Criteria for credit recognition procedures and transfer of credits are set out in accordance with the Law on higher education and other sub-legal acts. The decision on the full or partial recognition of the credits is made by the relevant committee set up by the basic unit of the institution of higher education (Art. 89 of Law no. 80/2015, dated 22.07.2015 "On Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Albania")

(Source: E-Albania revised by the Educational Service Centre (ESC), May, 2019)