Overview of QA Bodies

The Kosovo* Accreditation Agency (KAA) is a public independent agency established in 2008 by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) in accordance with the Law on Higher Education in Kosovo*. It is established as the agency that guarantees the quality of educational and scientific research work at higher education institutions in Kosovo*. The National Council of Quality (Accreditation Board) consists of local and international experts in higher education.

Agency QA Activities:

The Kosovo* Accreditation Agency has a legal basis for the accreditation of all higher education institutions that offer or propose to offer higher education programs that lead to the award of academic degrees. KAA’s primary responsibilities are the accreditation of public and private institutions of higher education; the accreditation of new institutions of higher education and their study programs; the accreditation of new programs at those institutions of higher education that already are accredited; controlling of quality assurance at accredited institutions and their programs.

KAA undertakes the accreditation of institutions and academic programs through formal and transparent procedures that ensure internationally comparable standards. Institutions and the programs which they offer are evaluated to ensure that they meet minimum requirements for quality. An accreditation procedure consists of four steps:

  1. Internal evaluation by the applicant institution which results in the production of a Self-Evaluation Report.
  2. Site visit to the institution under evaluation – Evaluation by an expert team composed of international experts.
  3. Decision by the Council of Quality and the report publication.
  4. Follow-up procedure. Evaluation report produced by the expert team and decisions of the KAA are always published on KAA’s website.

(Source: ENQA, accessed May, 2019)